Quality Assurance
Ganotolix has established a rigorous quality assurance system to ensure offering high-quality healcare products. Every product we supply, whether produced in-house or outsourced, must be qualified in our in-house laboratory equipped with the latest analytical technology to guarantee customers' needs and regulatory requirements are met.

Our analytical capability include                     
   ▪  Residual solvent analysis (Headspace analysis (GC)) 
   ▪  Impurity profiling and identification 
   ▪  GC 
   ▪  HPLC 
   ▪  LC-MS 
   ▪  NMR 
   ▪  UV-Vis 
   ▪  Karl Fischer water analysis 
   ▪  Loss on Drying 
   ▪  spectropolarimeter 
   ▪  Autotitration 
   ▪  Residue on ignition (sulphated ash)  
   ▪  HSM